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J-rock Humor's Journal
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Sunday, July 8th, 2007
1:06 am


Current Mood: amused
Thursday, July 5th, 2007
5:58 pm
Omg this is beyond lame XD

God I love kisaki project because just when u think its the lamest band around, they go and make something lamer XD 
This doesn't even need captions or anything to make it funny, just kisaki and the emo angles is enough XDDDDD 

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Wednesday, July 4th, 2007
1:29 pm
and since we can post random pics heres one

Monday, July 2nd, 2007
9:50 pm
Ok, so I totally have to add more in since we have more from today and also I just HAVE TO add more to Mana and a few of my own characters I have scenarios for. XDDD

Kyo (Vocalist of Dir en Grey)

As it was mentioned, Harry always talks about what a bad influence that "kee-yo" man is on other people, but hes ALWAYS suspecting that that kee-yo man just MIGHT be around when others are on bad behavior and having "too much of a good time". I think Harry has some sort of sixth sense because Kyo does actually appear from time to time when Harry suspects him! (o_o) Kyo likes to randomly bust through walls like the Kool-aid man and scream out "OHH YEAHH!! OH YEAHH!!!" with a kool-aid in his hand.XDD

Mana (extended)
Mana used to live on a farm house with his mom Helen, his dad Henry, his brother Giggles, and his sister Gertrude who is really a porno star. Back in the farm days sometimes Gertrude would tell on Mana and Henry would have to come out and give that boy a good whoopin. Then giggles would come along and the only thing he ever said was ".....fucking fag." which would make Mana cry and yell out "SHUT UP, GIGGLES!"

Now Mana is grown up and hes a MAN (or so he thinks) XD
He constantly fights with Kisaki in Midi: Code, but sometimes Mana and Kisaki like to go on a "de-to" (date) and they some how always end up getting in fights in terrible engrish.
He really wishes to have a date with Kisaki one day under a cedar tree at the park where they can both eat hand made sandwiches together. XD
Mana also has a big dream of one day owning a bathtub on the roof of his house. He always tells his friends about his bathtub dreams and how he likes to shop at lingerie stores all the time for new bras but he doesn't understand nor like it when people consider him a girl.

Yu~ki (ex MALICE MIZER bassist)
Everyone always wonders what happened to Yu~ki. After MM he never showed up as a musician, but what REALLY happened was he got extremely rich by selling porn videos of himself then he moved to Hawaii.
He currently resides in a huge luxurious home with a HAWWT sports car model wife who serves him little glasses of punch with mini umbrellas in them.
Yu~ki likes to think about his old band mates and laugh at them thinking about how stupid and poor they are now trying to lead the lives of solo artists and hes living a dream life with his HAWWT playboy wife. XD

Kozi (ex MALICE MIZER guitarist)
....He just makes stupid hula techno music. He probably wishes he was like Yu~ki, thats why he does it. XD

and now for some pictures!! ;D (sorry all I have is Mana because we all make fun of him on my message board, but they're still great XDD)

LAWLCollapse )

Current Mood: amused
1:07 am

Hello and welcome to " JRAWK HUMORRR" 
My name is Nikki... and I'll be your mod :: wink :: 
I'll start by posting the beginning of our story and the characters we have so far, from here you all can feel free to write or share anything funny you have regarding Jrock. 
We will also include non jrock but related to Jrock characters... that doesn't make sense but I'll explain in character layout XD 

~ Charas ~ 

Rame:( bassist Vidoll) 
Rame is like a whiny 4 year old that constantly has to have his way. He talks constantly and no one really likes him. Jui can stand him but everyone else is about ready to snap his neck. He's nosy as hell and seems a bit like Bloo from Foster's home for imaginary friends. 
Rame's known for screaming ... " HAY HAY HAY " and constantly repeating himself when people are ignoring him. 

Jui: (Vocalist Vidoll)
Jui is a morbidly depressed little thing and runs away crying if anyone says anything slightly offensive. Jui messes with Rame a lot. Hes really good at ignoring him, and Rame's constantly trying to butt into his personal life. 

Tero: (Drums/ piano Vidoll ) 
Tero is the manly mannnn. Hes kinda quiet most of the time but occasionally has random spouts of energy. Tero has gotten muscular (Rame refers to this as " TERO YOUR FAT " ) so hes picked on for this fatness of his. 

Giru: (Guitar Vidoll) 
Giru is like cheese from Fosters( wow I watch this show a lot XD ) He follows Rame around and Rame always bitches at him for copying him. Most of the time Giru ISN'T copying Rame but Rame always tells on him to Tero. 

Shun: ( Guitar Vidoll) 
Nobody really likes Shun he's a fun killer. He's constantly reprimanding everyone and thinks that everyone should do the "right" thing. He's always keen to offer his opinion even though its never really wanted. XD 

Kisaki: (Bassist Phantasmagoria and head of UC productions) 
Kisaki is an ass XD He thinks he is the hottest piece of ass in the entire world even though hes a pasty peanut shaped freak. Kisaki thinks he's in charge of everything and that hes amazingly cool ... even though we all know ... hes NOT XD Also he doesn't pay his taxes but I don't think I have to tell you that ;B  Kisaki has been hanging around Mana latley and theres a major competition going on between them because they've decided to merge record labels creating "Midi : Code" productions. They both continue to hate on each other all the time though. 

Mana: (guitarist Moi dix mois and head of Midi Nette) Quite similar to Kisaki. Thinks people with caramel macchiattos are quite girly XD 
I also hear he likes to clean with his little broom XDD

Ruki (Vocalist Gazette) 
Ruki is a very angry engrish speaking drunk. He gets pissed, and he gets pissed easily. He hates decora more than anything and when someone pisses him off he tells them to " Get the feck out of my house and you go home to put those rittle SHITS (barettes) all over your FECKING head and zen you can put on your FECKING rerro and Pink crothing and get the FECK away from me.... FECK ! ) 

Kai ( Drums Gazette) 
Kai loves everyone. You could beat the crap out of him, steal his wallet, sleep with his girlfriend, and throw out his mayonaise collection and he would still love you. Rame gets REALLY annoyed by this and thinks Kai does it wrong (everything) 

Satsuki ( Vocal, Rentrer en Soi aka French bread and soy XD ) 
Satsuki hates himself and wants to ... , hes the opitimy of emo. We really don't mention him much but when someone's being a little emo butt we tell them to stop being a satsuki XD 

Harry: (Hes this random old guy from when we went to the Dir en Grey concert XD ) 
He showed up with his 2 boys at a Dir en Grey live and after that he's never been the same. Harry is a middle aged old white guy who thinks he needs to make the world aware that "that Kee-yoh man" is a very bad influence. Harry thinks he is best friend's with Harry the head of J house rock ( if you go to anime conventions in the US he's the old guy who thinks he can pull off a jmullet XD ) Harry likes to call Harry every five minutes to alert him about the bad influence that Kee-yoh man is. He loves a good game of golf with reasonable old chaps. 

Mildred: (Harrys Wife ) 
Mildred is a miserable large woman who is unhappily married to Harry. Mildred hates everyone. She has an EXTREMELY deep man voice and yells at Harry constantly. She has recently taken on Miku of An Cafe as her manslave to make her sandwiches 24/7 
Mildred likes dancing, when she dances she screams " I FEEL SO FUCKING FREE" Mildred also likes to " MAKE HER FUCKING BROWNIES IN FUCKING PEACE "  Harry thinks mildred is " a little silly who may have forgotten her horomones today ! " This pisses mildred off ( moreso than she always is) and she thinks Harry needs to " SHUT THE FUCK UP " 

Okay these are all the people I make fun of at this point in time XD 
Please post up your jrock chara info, or feel free to add to mine. Remember this is just how they act in my postings so you can make people act however you feel like in yours. 
You don't have to just makeup scenarios either. Everyone loves pictures with captions and anything you have that may make people laugh. 
This is not a serious community, its just for fun and laughs and because I'm a very bored individual who finds this crap entertaining XD  

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